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happy new year, you guys! 5 days in and i’ve already finished reading my first book of the year. honestly, i started it last year, but i only got 30 pages or so into the book. so i’m totally counting that on this year’s total. oh yes, i am.

movies i’ve seen recently include: Dreamgirls, Walk Hard, Quiz Show, Fun With Dick and Jane, and Silent Movie. most of those are kinda old; especially Silent Movie. but really, Mel Brooks’ movies are timeless. Dreamgirls was actually “all that”. it was SO entertaining. Walk Hard was funnier than i thought it would be. plus we had the theater all to ourselves…which is always nice. it’s like, “welcome to fleegan cinemas.”

Quiz Show further proves that John Turturro is one of THE BEST character actors of all time.

i keep catching these not too old movies on the encore channels. ps, encore, YOU ARE SHOWING TOMBSTONE WAY TOO MUCH. we all love that movie, yes, but i don’t need to see it twice a day for two months. no, i don’t. no really. REALLY.


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