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we haven’t caught the thief yet. it’s really ruining my mood.

i’m in love with www.books.google.com

i can’t tell you how many books i’ve started to read. i love old books. the way people used to write 100 years ago… it’s neat. everything they said sounds so pretty. even if it’s something horrible like how women should have no rights. The book i’m reading on The Google right now is The History of Prostitution. This book was written in 1895, something like four years after the Jack the Ripper murders stopped… but i searched the book and there’s no mention of Jack the Ripper. And i was all, “gosh, i wonder why? that was probably a big deal back then.” then it hit me, duh jaimie, you nit. back then Jack the Ripper wasn’t history…it was news. so i have to remember to wear my time-machine hat when i read these old books.

anyway, i love love LOVE books.google.com, and i find myself getting lost in book searches. IT IS SO MUCH NERDY FUN I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF.

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